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If you are thinking about starting or have an idea of a business that is software- or web-based, and you know little or nothing about technology, you might be having a difficult time deciding whether to hire a programmer or two, or contract with a software-development company. And you also know that most of the initial investment will go towards developing the software, which can be a sizable amount.

Do you have experience in managing a software development product? How about server administration and scalability due to unexpected demand? Do you know whether ASP.NET or PHP is better suited and why?

We can help you here, not just by giving advice and developing the software for you, but by actually taking the partnership deeper, and sharing the risk by investing in the project.

We will be in charge of everything technology-related: development of the software or website, server hosting and scalability, maintenance, and technical support. This way, your investment will be substantially lower, and we will share part of the venture risk.

Or we can also work with you for a few months to develop a prototype (or minimum viable product (MVP) using lean startup lingo) until you have enough traction to raise capital and build your own team.

Some examples of how a partnership could be arranged are:

If you are interested in a partnership like this, please use the contact form below to email us. We will get back to you and work out the best deal for both sides.

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