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Our core business is developing custom software Solutions specific to your business needs. Whether it is a desktop application for Windows or Mac, a web portal accessible from anywhere in the world, or mobile apps for the most common mobile devices, we can make reality what you have in mind.

Contrasted with off-the-shelf software products, custom software adapts to your business need instead of making you adapt your business to the software.

Some of the things we can do:


Our development process is based on the Scrum agile methodology.

While at the beginning we work very hard to establish an overall scope for the project, we work on short sprints to deliver a usable product as early as possible, and then keep evolving it with frequent updates.

This allows the requirements to change as time passes and business processes change.

For more information please refer to this Wikipedia article about Scrum.


As a Microsoft Partner, we specialize in the Microsoft stack of technologies:

However we also have extensive experience with:

We try very hard to pick the right tool for the job at hand, something that will make development easier while creating a more robust and scalable product.

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